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Friday, October 17, 2008


CONGRATS: Your guy is more balanced than a banker's checkbook. "Men who fall into this category are great listeners; they consciously try to be open and attentive to their girlfriends without going overboard and showering them with more gifts and praise than they receive."

WHAT KEEPS HIM IN THE ZONE: He's confident that you care enough about him that he doesn't need to baby you whenever you get the sniffle, kiss up to your friends or tell you you're gorgeous every 10 minutes to keep you interested. He also knows what it means to be part of a love exchange. "I like to describe a balanced relationship as each person giving 51 percent." "It means you both deeply care about committing yourself to your partner, but you also assert your need to be treated well."


jHeLea said...

naku naman...palagi kang bini baby ng hubby mo ah....parang hindi ako makapaniwala sa result girl.....hehehe